The Bartica NDC needs to be replaced with an interim body

Dear Editor,

Elections have come and gone; here in Bartica we all campaigned for the parties of our choice.

It was hard work. Some of us were not on good speaking terms with one another. Now it’s all over, we accept the result that APNU won the majority of regional seats. Now we must unite as before, and continue to help develop and welcome visitors to Bartica.

Bartica is one of the best parts of Guyana to live in because of the mixture of races. We would also like to have a good and down-to-earth Regional Chairman like Mr Gordon Bradford to serve for the next five years. Our annual Easter Regatta is in a shambles where accountability is concerned. As for the NDC they need removing and replacing with an interim body until local government elections. We are calling on the President and Minister of Local Government to look into the Bartica NDC, and check with the auditors who did the recent audit about what they found.

Also, all of our drains are filled with garbage and wild eddo bushes, while our new roads that were done recently are not being maintained; they have potholes and bad shoulder edges. As for  garbage disposal, the dumpsite is in a horrible state.

The Bartica police are doing a fine job so far; they are patrolling and responding to calls. However, some police on the Rockstone road are harassing motor vehicles coming and going to Georgetown, and if they find out you are from Bartica you have to leave something.

Yours faithfully,
Winston B Miller Sr

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