Too many man hours wasted by the public waiting at the Licence Revenue Office

Dear Editor,

The new regulation of having applicants for a provisional licence submit pictures in addition to completing a form for the renewal of a driver‘s licence, is very frustrating for all who have business at the back building of the Licence Revenue Office.

I joined the line at 9.45 am and left it at 10.55 am having stood in one position waiting for the line to shorten. There were about forty people in front of me, all trying to get into the building. I had other business to attend to and was quite sure that by lunch time the majority in the line would not have been attended to. I went back at 1pm hoping to see only a few people, but I was mistaken. The same situation obtained, with those who were there during the closure for lunch having priority over others in getting into the building. But while the goal is to get into the building, I was informed that you have another long wait inside, only this time you are able to sit on a chair.

The necessary documents are processed (I was unfortunate not to be there as I left around 2.15pm having moved forward about ten feet in an hour, still unable to reach the stairway).

The processed document is not sent immediately to the front building where there is another wait (shorter this time) and where you pay for the document which is then delivered to you.

The entire system is geared to frustrating the public. There is no one to guide you and check your document as was done when the motor vehicle licence was being sold. In many cases, after spending considerable time in the line, an applicant would then hear that a document has to be photocopied, or so many pictures are needed, or the old ID card would not be accepted, etc. He would then leave in a hurry to acquire the relevant document which he should have in his possession.

I do not blame the people who work there but the authorities who devised such a time-wasting system, such a frustrating wait, and who themselves would not join such a line.

One simple transaction used to be the acquiring and renewing of a provisional driver‘s licence. If there were a few flaws, does this justify abandoning the entire system and replacing it with a sordid and frustrating process?

Someone can count the total number of man hours that are spent at the Licence Revenue Office. It would appear that we, in Guyana, are stagnated in certain areas of services that are rendered to the public.

About five different transactions are conducted through one door and one office. Why can’t the people be separated into respective lines to be attended to by particular officials? Something drastic needs to be done. The public needs to be assured that matters will be expedited so that they can go about doing their other business.

I have to go back there again, I left through frustration as I had other pressing matters to address. I cannot afford to spend an entire day simply to renew a driver’s licence. This is a shame on the system. I am sure that a lot of others who were there when I was would share the same sentiments as those expressed above. Any time I have to visit the LRO I always resign myself to the tedious long wait, mostly standing. This is not a nice experience, Mr Commissioner.

Yours faithfully,
(Name and address provided)

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