Why can’t APNU release its findings after all this time?

Dear Editor,

According to Guyana Times, APNU had completed its analysis of the Statements of Poll (SOPs) since at least Saturday, December 17. But the results have to be reportedly vetted by APNU leaders before they can be released. Now, does it take three full days for a group of individuals to verify results obtained from APNU’s own careful counting? It is not like these leaders have to do the counting themselves. This ongoing and unmitigated nonsense has left a huge credibility hole in APNU. The PNC always had a credibility problem the size of the Grand Canyon. However, this APNU cloak has been pulled clear off revealing it to be more PNC than it claimed or pretended to be. The staggering sloth of APNU’s verification and counting process is just sickening. That it comes on the heels of rightly condemning a terribly incompetent Gecom makes APNU hypocrisy, inefficiency and ineptitude even more unbearable. Why can’t APNU release its findings after all this time?

This is all a game to the politicians running the APNU show. A game that enables its protesters now appearing as impotent and as irrelevant as ever to keep on running around now like headless chickens while affirming that APNU is still the same old PNC of failed political moves and misplaced strategies.  Talk about turning good and credible political energy and capital into a bad and badly souring investment. As they may be running out of ideas, APNU protesters should try protesting at Congress Place demanding their verified SOPs. In case APNU didn’t notice, the majority of those 140,000 who voted for it are too busy trying to put some bread on the table in this Christmas season to bother with protesting for protesting‘s sake now that the genuine cause for protest has passed. The APNU has just burned a lot of bridges it worked so hard to rebuild. Let’s wait for the spin on the SOPs to see what APNU will try next. This political party just like its counterpart, the PPP, has not changed. It is bereft of ideas and low on viable strategies. Just like many PPP supporters are feeling jaded and cheated with the PPP’s ‘new’ Cabinet and other moves, many PNC supporters who backed APNU are still seeing the familiar foolishness rear its ugly head. They should stop playing games with people’s lives and livelihoods and release the findings, whether they like them or not.

Yours faithfully,
M Maxwell

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