Government needs to set up a task force to improve public transportation

Dear Editor,

The efficient transportation of our workers/students to and from work/school has been a problem that has beset our nation for more than three decades. I am not aware of any study conducted to determine its effect on production and productivity; however, a simple TV/radio opinion survey or a sample poll from the daily commuters by one of our pollsters should suffice to confirm the need for a quick fix.

Over the years the attempts at providing efficient public transportation have failed owing to the lack of enough government subsidy and good fleet management, maintenance and operations practices and facilities. Cases in point are large transit systems such as New York City Transit Corporation, New Jersey Transit, and Amtrak USA, all of which are heavily subsidised to remain operational.

At this juncture it is my fervent opinion that government must implement a school transportation system and regulate the existing transport to better serve the public sector. To this end I suggest government establish a Transportation Task Force with the regulatory powers and terms of reference to include the selection and acquisition of suitable modes of transport, routes and schedules, security, management, operation and maintenance systems and facilities. Such a task force will, of necessity, comprise professional engineers, economists, and security and human resources development personnel. The task force will be required to liaise with educational and regional personnel to accomplish its objectives.

Yours faithfully,
Abraham David

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