Ambassador Extraordinaire

We’ll probably never know what took Brasilia so long to say yes to Guyana’s new Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the Federative Republic of Brazil, His Excellency Kellawan Lall.  Now that the deed is done, however it has to be said that at least part of his exalted new title really does apply to the new Envoy. Mr. Lall was, indeed an extraordinary Minister. What with all his altercations in places of entertainment, gun-toting exploits and race track pursuits on our public highways, Say what you like about Mr. Lall, however, he did bring a measure of flair and colour to the PPP/C’s Cabinet.

Recently, he’s been relieving himself of the City’s garbage problems, reportedly to buckle down to crash courses in Portuguese and diplomacy  even though the bigger issue is whether Mr. Lall can rid himself of those other “problems” that so frequently made him the laughing stock of the Cabinet.  We are hearing that it took President Jagdeo less than no time to give his assent to Lall going to Brazil. The PPP/C had had enough of Lall’s excesses and the feeling was that should Donald succeed Bharrat, Lall would be put out to pasture and they couldn’t very well do that to a good and faithful Party Comrade.

Now that the deed is done, however, the government is going to have to find a diplomat, a real diplomat, that is, to back up Ambassador Lall in Brasilia since with the Guyana/Brazil Road and bilateral trade and other important issues on the agenda the fear is that relations with Brazil might sink to a new low once Lall remains a fixture there.

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