Objections to more claims and objections

Are we seeing the first real signs of a pre-elections brouhaha between the PPP/C and its political opponents? Just as we thought that the pre-elections registration exercise was done and dusted the PPP/C says it wants to process re-opened, that there are people who could not register because they had no source documents. The opposition says they smell a rat. APNU has reportedly written to GECOM saying no way would they agree to any re-opening of any registration process.

What we are hearing is that the PPP/C is now discovering that a large number of Amerindians who are set to benefit from One Lap Top Per Family and other PPP perks have been discovered not to have been registered and since the PPP/C sees these Amerindian soon-to-be lap top owners as people who are likely to put their X’s next to the cup they want them registered.

The PNC/R has reportedly thrown down the gauntlet on the matter. Rules are rules! No reopening of Claims and Objections. Bring on the elections, now! The PPP/C says that the opposition wants to disenfranchise people. What will Surujbally say? Well he didn’t have to say. One of the opposition commissioners vote with the government! Things rough in opposition land.

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