Well! Is that really what it’s all about?

Chutney, soca, hip-hop, calypso, dancing, wining and busing out are what make a political rally?

From whence did this culture emerge and can we send it back?

The launch of the PPP/C campaign at Albion two Sundays ago saw the dancing and wining on stage of President Bharrat Jagdeo, PPP/C presidential candidate Donald Ramotar with chutney singer Fiona. If you thought that was just to give the launch of the PPP’s campaign extra spice, you were wrong.

Perhaps the musical acts were meant to draw the crowd; perhaps it was suspected that they wouldn’t have gone otherwise.

Maybe the party is to cover the fact that those at the rally really have nothing to say. It also cleverly precludes persons asking, because they are so caught up in the partying: ‘but where is your manifesto?’; ‘what are your plans for the next five years?’ and ‘who is your prime ministerial candidate?’

It was more of the same at Kitty Market Square on Sunday last. More music, more wining, ‘backballing’ and the euphoria that goes with letting one’s hair down.

The speakers blared the voice of Mahendra Ramkhellawan’s “Dem a Watch me” remixed and reloaded to list the achievements of the PPP/C over the last 19 years. But by the way, wasn’t this the same man who was charged with assaulting his wife in August and remanded to prison? Okay, the charge was dropped after the wife decided that she would not go ahead with the complaint. But he was charged with domestic abuse. What does this say about the government’s ‘zero tolerance’ for domestic violence? Oh yes, it’s a big zero!

Campaigning for Ramotar, President Jagdeo was true to form. He had choice words, as usual, for sections of the private media. He and other speakers took their all too familiar walk down memory lane. Not the lane of the last 19 years, though; the one that meanders 28 years before that.

There was nothing of substance that any young intelligent person could take away from either rally. Is that the plan? Really?

Now we can’t help but wonder how APNU, the AFC, TUF, JFAP and others intend to top that. Should we be looking forward to maybe seeing Rihanna on one of their platforms? We’re sure the masses can’t wait.

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