Morty Mingo and the Pradoville Brouhaha

What on earth were you thinking, Mr. Mingo? Where is your political savvy, man? What would the Regional Chairman of a time-worn PNC political stronghold like Linden want with buying land in Pradoville? How on earth could you have bitten such tainted bait?

Let’s take a step back, Mr. Mingo.  Pradoville has been reviled and beaten up and branded by your Party as the very epicentre of government corruption. It has been dubbed the home of the PPP Gods, a monument to the abuse of political power; and here we have you contemplating, even contemplating, Mr. Mingo, taking your place among the Gods.

Bad form, Mr. Regional Chairman! Shockingly bad form! You’re a Lindener, man. Wouldn’t a house lot in Watooka or a piece of farm land on the Soesdyke/Linden Highway have sufficed? Were you really thinking of migrating from your political home to take up residence in Pradoville, of all places?

From all that we are hearing, Sir, It appears that the good Doctor set you up. Not that one has anything against close ‘friendship’ across political lines. Time was when Burnham and Jagan used to be friends, Sir; and we are told too that Mr. Jagdeo and Mr. Corbin get along OK, too. But let’s face it, Mr. Mingo when your friend the Doctor came to you with the Pradoville offer you should have run a mile from it Sir. You should have smelt a bloating rat long before the man even got the Prado part of Pradoville out of his mouth. You should have told your ‘friend’ where to get off, Mr. Mingo.

But you bit the bait, Sir. And while it appears that you pulled out at not quite the last minute, you sent the cheque sir; and the cheque has become a smoking gun. It must have been a humongous humiliation for the PNC to see a picture of a beaming Irfaan Ali holding up your 1.5 million dollar cheque;  and it really does not matter whether the cheque bounced or whether you stopped it Mr. Mingo. The fact is that you wrote the cheque and it fell into their hands; and this is election-time Morty. This is dirty tricks time!

And what is this ridiculous nonsense from some PNC official about you having the right to buy land wherever you please. Garbage! Despicable! Hypocritical! Absolute nonsense! Isn’t Pradoville supposed to be off-limits to the PNC’s boys and girls?  Whatever, is going on here? Is there more that we need to know?

The clock is ticking on the PNC’s promise of an internal investigation into the Mingo/Pradoville saga and while the Party may have already decided that it is not about the possibly hugely embarrassing revelations that might arise out of such an investigation to interfere with its electoral chances it must bear in mind that people would have already drawn their conclusions and that those conclusions might amount to a value judgment of both Mr. Mingo and the PNC.

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