Same…….sorry, Sam again

Sam again! He ran with Cheddi, with Janet, with Bharrat and now the PPP/C is hoping that he will run with Donald. There’s more. Guyana’s Prime Minister for all seasons also had a taste of the Presidency. What a remarkable political career! What a quantum leap from being – as far as we know – a card-bearing member of no political party to becoming both Prime Minister and President.

Fun aside, Sam Hinds is a remarkable man. Perhaps the most remarkable thing about him is his permanent smile. Some people call him Smiling Sam. The next truly remarkable thing about the man who wants to go on being Prime Minister is the fact that he has managed for so many years to dodge all the muck and the scandal that has stuck on so many of the other big wigs in the government. His name is not – again as far as we know – on the list of the chosen few who will dwell in Pradoville 11; nor has his name ever been linked to any kind of corruption-related scandal; and his private life is his private life; no dirty laundry in the Prime Minister’s Cabinet.

Is he a well-liked Prime Minister? Well. That depends on how you look at it. As far as we know, no one carries any deep grudge against Sam; and he is not the sort of government figure whom opponents of the administration target; Sam is there, solid as a rock, un-offensive and polite even to those who think that he is a sort of Titular Prime Minister.

The PPP loves Sam too. And why not! After all the man rocks no boats, acknowledges that the President is his “boss” and does as he is told. Sometimes he acts as President but he just goes on behaving as any loyal Prime Minister would. No one can recall Sam Hinds ever talking out of turn, politically, that is. He bats safe. In cricketing parlance Sam Hinds is a reincarnation of Desmond Haynes. His technique is sound…’s not dashing but it’s sound.

There’s more about Sam Hinds that needs to be told. He has been blessed with good health. The one recollection we have of his being ill, he sought treatment at the Public Hospital. No high-priced overseas treatment for Sam.

We must be thankful for good, old-fashioned Guyanese like Sam Hinds; morally upright, incorruptible and always willing to serve. God bless our Prime Minister!

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