Steroid shots were pain in Barry Bonds’ butt-witness

SAN FRANCISCO,  (Reuters) – Baseball’s home run  king admitted to using steroids and even complained about the  pain from receiving injections, an old friend of Barry Bonds  testified in the tarnished star’s perjury trial yesterday.Steve Hoskins, a childhood friend of the slugger and former  business partner, said he first became aware that the former  Major League Baseball player was using steroids when Bonds  asked him to investigate their health effects.

“He complained that his butt was sore from the injections,”  Hoskins told the court. Dressed in a grey suit, Bonds, 46, who has pled not guilty,  took notes as Hoskins testified about a relationship that dates  back to a friendship between their fathers, who were  professional athletes in San Francisco.

The Bonds case is one of the last strands in a lengthy  investigation into the use of performance-enhancing drugs in  sports. Doping revelations have tarnished the reputation of  baseball, known as America’s national pastime.

Hoskins said he saw Bonds and his personal trainer Greg  Anderson go into a bedroom and when Anderson emerged he was  holding a syringe. In another instance, Bonds said if Anderson  would not inject him that he would do it himself, according to  Hoskins.

Later, prosecutors played a recording that Hoskins secretly  made of Anderson talking about injecting athletes.
In the recording, Hoskins asks why it’s important to change  injection sites, and Anderson says injecting too much in one  place can cause cysts. “Is that why Barry didn’t just shoot it  in his butt all the time?” Hoskins asks.

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