Trophy Stall-sponsored Seven round Rapid Chess tourney starts tomorrow

A seven round rapid Chess tournament sponsored by the Trophy Stall gets underway tomorrow at the Kei-Shar’s Sports Club on Hadfield Street.

On Wednesday, a Trophy Stall representative, handed over a cheque and trophies to the Guyana Chess Federation.

President of the Guyana Chess Federation Shiv Nandalall revives the sponsorship package from Trophy Stall representative Petal Badrie.

Petal Badrie, the Trophy Stall representative, handed over the cheque and trophies to the President of the GCF, Shiv Nandalall.

The blitz-type tournament is rapidly becoming the more favoured version of the game and is expected to test the skills of the players as they fight against themselves and the clock.

The Swiss System competition will feature seven rounds each lasting 40 minutes, with players allotted 20 minutes each. Matches are scheduled to begin from 11am with registration opening an hour earlier.

The tournament is open to all chess players, and a registration fee of $500 will be charged for adults who are not members of the GCF.

Adult members of the GCF, however, will be charged $300 while for the juniors, non members will be charged $3000 and members $200.

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