Klitschko promises to knock Haye “back into reality”

BERLIN, (Reuters) – Reigning WBO, IBF and IBO world  heavyweight champion Vladimir Klitschko promised Briton David  Haye would be a better person after he was through with him in  their title fight on Saturday.

Speaking at a news conference before Saturday’s fight at  Hamburg’s soccer arena, Ukrainian Klitschko, who had to wait  some 30 minutes for Haye, said he would “treat” the WBA champion  for his big mouth.

“My name is Dr Klitschko, I am a therapist and on July 2 I  am going to give you treatment. It is going to be reality  rehab.”

“I will knock you out into reality, which will be good for  your life,” Klitschko told reporters as Haye looked on. “You  will be a better person and have better manners.”

The 35-year-old Klitschko and his older brother Vitaly, who  holds the WBC belt, twice had fights with Haye called off in the  past two years after they failed to agree on the details for the  much-awaited unification fight.

The 30-year-old Briton, who has repeatedly mocked the  brothers, saying they only picked weak opponents until now, has  a career record of 25-1 with 23 knockouts. Klitschko’s record  stands at 55-3 with 49 knockouts.

Haye pledged Klitschko’s career as world champion would be  ended violently by a fighter whose speed was “ridiculous.”

“It is going to be fun to watch this robot malfunctioning.  That is what’s going to happen,” Haye said.

“I am healthy, the speed is ridiculous, the punch power is  there. I am just in a really good place.”

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