Two-week cricket academy set for July 18 at Area ‘H’ Ground

The Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club (RHTY&SC) will bowl off its 14th annual cricket academy on July 18 at the Area ‘H’ Ground.

According to a press release the cricket academy is part of the RHTY&SC’s development programme and will last for two weeks.

One hundred and twenty  young cricketers, both males and females,  are expected to be a part of the programme, according to Club Secretary/CEO of the RHTY&SC, Hilbert Foster.

The cricket academy will be coordinated by the club’s cricket development and public relations department.

Patrick Lewis will be the academy’s director for the programme while the coaching staff will include Julian Moore, Winston Smith, Renwick Batson, Delbert Hicks and Ravi Narine.

Meanwhile a total of 65 club members will be part of the academy while the remaining 55 places are available for non-members. The main aim of the academy is to improve the cricketing skills of the youths while preparing them to be sports ambassadors and role models.

Moreover, twelve lectures have been arranged for the academy on topics such as the History of Cricket, HIV/AIDS, Importance of Discipline, Physical Fitness, Captaincy and Drug Abuse.

The cricket academy over the last fourteen years has produced one West Indies ODI player, one West Indies “A” player, two West Indies female cricketers, five national senior players, nineteen national youth cricketers and a total of sixty-five cricketers for Berbice at all levels, the release noted.

Among the players produced by the RHTY&SC’s cricket academy are Assad Fudadin, Royston Crandon, Delbert Hicks, Esuan Crandon, Renwick Batson, Dominique Rikhi, Loyydel Lewis, Shemaine Campbelle, Erva Giddings, Shawn Pereira and Abdel Fudadin.

In the meantime, the RHTY&SC is urging all young cricketers in Berbice to take part in the academy and they can contact the club’s office on 337-4562.

The closing date for entry to the cricket academy will be July 16.

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