Suspended Bin Hammam to learn fate on July 23

LONDON, (Reuters) – FIFA’s Ethics Committee will meet  on July 22-23 to decide the fate of suspended Asian soccer chief  Mohammed Bin Hammam over the alleged bribery scandal at the  Caribbean Football Union meeting in May, world soccer’s  governing body said yesterday.   

The Zurich meeting will be convened on July 22, four days  later than originally scheduled, with the ruling handed down on  Bin Hammam and two other officials the following day.   

The Qatari, who withdrew from the FIFA presidential contest  against Sepp Blatter in the wake of the allegations, is expected  to give evidence along with CFU officials Debbie Minguell and  Jason Sylvester, who were all provisionally suspended by the  Ethics Committee on May 29.  

Mohammed Bin Hammam

FIFA said the three officials had received the report on the  investigations conducted by the Ethics Committee since May 29  and have been invited to present their position in writing prior  to July 22.  

Bin Hammam is facing allegations that he attempted to bribe  members of the CFU in order to secure their votes in the June  election against Blatter at a meeting held in Port of Spain,  Trinidad on May 10-11.
Minguell and Sylvester are charged for breaching FIFA’s  Ethics Code.  
The committee will be chaired by Petrus Damaseb of Namibia.

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