Rules in place to prevent overuse of Colgrain Pool

- Neil Kumar

The newly-refurbished Colgrain Swimming Pool on Camp Street is to follow a stricter regime of rules since  its reopening in April in order to prevent overuse.

The pool which was closed in June last year due to a filtration problem finally reopened in April this year after a nine-month closure because of what was said to be inefficient work  by  the contractor who was subsequently sacked by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport (MCYS).

Lennox Hamilton was then hired by the MCYS and this  resulted in the resolution of the filtration problem and the reopening of the pool. However  while the pool was commissioned and reopened to the general public, systems are in place to make sure the pool is not overused as it previously was according to Director of Sport Neil Kumar.

“Well it’s open to the public and it will be in a very constructive way. It will be mainly for people doing therapy and those who are learning to swim but how it used to be opened all day, all night  will not occur anymore,” Kumar commented.

According to Kumar the new measures were put in place so as to preserve the life of the pool.

“The pool use to be overused back then, 7 days a week around 14- 15 hours a day, we can’t have this happening again because we need to preserve the pool,” Kumar stated.

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