England’s Trott says drink problem threatened his career

LONDON,  (Reuters) – England batsman Jonathan Trott,  currently fourth in the world test rankings, has said a drink  problem once threatened his career.

“I used to go nuts and it affected the image people had of  me. It used to cloud my judgment, not just that night, but for  days afterwards,” Trott said in an interview in the August  edition of The Cricketer magazine.

“I still have the occasional beer or glass of wine but, when  it comes to nights out, you probably won’t find me around them.

Jonathan Trott

“It can be quite tough but the guys in the team understand.
In the past I’d have been at the front of the queue {for a  drink}. But I honestly don’t think I’d be sitting here today if  I did still drink.”

Trott, 30, who was born in South Africa, said he had always  wanted to play test cricket.

“My ambition was always to play international cricket, to  test myself against the best,” he said. “I want to be the best I  can be, to constantly improve.

“If I still flew economy, had to carry my bags and didn’t  get paid as much, I’d still want to do it.”

Trott will be a key member of the England team who meet  India in a four-test series starting at Lord’s next Thursday.  England will take over from India as the world’s number one side  if they beat the tourists by at least a two-test margin.

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