Food for the Poor boosts Rose Hall club programmes

Rose Hall Town, Youth and Sports Club (RHTY&SC) received a boost on Tuesday from Food for the Poor (FFTP) Guyana for the launch of its 2011 Cricket Academy and annual Tribute to Retired Teachers programme.

The Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) presented cricket gear, educational supplies and snacks to RHTY&SC Office Manager Moonish Singh, in the presence of CEO Hilbert Foster at the Festival City office. Executive Director Leon Davis and Senior Manager Kent Vincent of the NGO made the presentations.

Foster, making brief remarks yesterday, said the club is pleased with the renewed largesse of FFTP after a two-year break.

The academy will be held from July 18-30 and one of the RHTYSC’s objectives is to attract 120 aspiring cricketers.

Meanwhile six outstanding educators will be honoured for service in providing quality education and tutelage.

The contribution by the FFTP is in the vicinity $1 million.
“The club would like to express gratitude to Food for the Poor; its Executive Chairman Paul Chan-a-Sue, Executive Director Leon Davis and the young and energetic Jimmy Davis for this assistance and it is our hope that the relationship would grow stronger in the future,” Foster stated.
He added that the participants in the academy will also be exposed to lectures on drug abuse, peer pressure, the importance of discipline and education and the history of cricket.

When Davis spoke he expressed joy that the FFTP and the RHTYSC are again partners since he said that it can only bring about positive changes in society. He also made a call to other organisations to come forward and assist the RHTYSC to fulfill its mandate.

Davis noted that he has been following the club’s progress over the years and assured that their two organizations will develop a stronger  relationship  than before. He added that too many youths today “have too much time to do nothing,” so that they become involved  in nefarious activities.

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