Athletes awaiting reopening of Colgrain pool

The Colgrain swimming pool remains unavailable after closing recently for repairs due to an electrical fault since the installation of its new pump four months ago.

The Colgrain pool reopened last April after a nine- month closure due to a filtration problem that required the installation of a new filtration pump.

However, sources recently reported to Stabroek Sport that the pool was closed about one month ago due to an electrical fault that damaged the new pump.

The pump needs a 60-cycle supply of electricity but only receives a 50- cycle supply from the Guyana Power and Light (GPL) and this is part of the problem that  contributed to the pump’s early failure.

Stabroek Sport spoke with Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport Permanent Secretary Alfred King who confirmed that the motor for the pump is already fixed but they are trying to put in a breaker switch to prevent the motor from breaking down again.

King also spoke about  the real problem that surrounded the breakdown of the pump.

“The motor uses three phases of live power so when GPL cuts the lights, two phases of the live power are left which still continues to work the motor which in turn causes the motor to burn.  

“So the guys are trying to install a breaker switch so when the light cuts it stops the motor from working completely but the switch should be installed by this afternoon (yesterday) but I’m still awaiting official word,” King stated.

Meanwhile athletes will have to wait a bit longer for their regular training venue when the pool is reopened again.

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