Hunte to meet with Jagdeo tomorrow

President of the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) Dr. Julian Hunte is expected to meet with Guyana’s president Bharrat Jagdeo at 2pm tomorrow over the government’s intervention into the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) impasse.

According to reports, Hunte is expected in Guyana around 1pm and is expected to meet with executives of the GCB sometime today.

President Jagdeo on Friday met with stakeholders of Guyana’s Cricket and, according to reports, proposed the setting up of an Interim Management Committee (IMC) to handle the affairs of the GCB over the next three months.

Bharrat Jagdeo
Julian Hunte

Stabroek Sports understands that tomorrow’s meeting  result from a request by Hunte.

The WICB has not made any statement concerning the intervention of the politicians Jagdeo and Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture, Dr. Frank Anthony, which is supposed to be in contravention of the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) recent ruling at their annual conference in June this year.

The WICB, though, did write the Guyana Government seeking written communication as to how it intends to resolve the impasse, a report on the Cricinfo website yesterday stated.

However, up to late last night it was told that the Guyana Government was yet to submit that written report.

The WICB, Stabroek Sport learnt, had told Minister Anthony that he could set up a committee to resolve disputes but that the government cannot take control of the GCB.

According to the letter sent by Minister Anthony to prospective members of the IMC inviting them to a meeting on Wednesday (See copy of letter below), the purpose of the IMC, is to resolve differences among the stakeholders of cricket in Guyana.

This seems to have been a shifting of the original position of the government which was to take control of the GCB through the IMC, stated a source close to the GCB.

The WICB, has however, not made any statement to the effect that the regional governing body for cricket frowns upon government interference.
According to a source, the WICB has not made a statement condemning the actions of the Guyana Government simply because it has not been officially notified.

The source said WICB anticipates that it will never be officially notified by the Guyana Government as notification could provide the basis for the WICB to impose sanctions on Guyana.

Stabroek Sport also learnt yesterday that the GCB has not been invited to name its representatives on the IMC although invitations have gone out to other area boards.

Mr. Keith Foster
Berbice Cricket Board,                   
57 ‘A” South Public Road,
Rose Hall Town,

Dear Mr. Foster,


Consequent upon the judgment made by the Hon Chief Justice, Mr. Ian Chang, S.C on August 22, 2011, H.E. Bharrat Jagdeo met representatives of the Guyana Cricket Board, Berbice Cricket Board, Demerara Cricket Board and Essequibo Cricket Board, it was decided that the Government of Guyana through the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport, set up an Interim Management Committee (IMC), to resolve issues affecting cricket in Guyana.
In this regard the Hon. Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport will chair the IMC and is inviting you and another representative to sit on the Interim Management Committee.  The IMC will meet on Wednesday August 31, 2011 at 10:00hrs in the Minister’s Office.

Anticipating your attendance with kind regards.

Yours sincerely,
Dr. Frank Anthony, MP
PS: Original copy of this Letter will be given at the Meeting.

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