Wild Bunch Crew 27 team dominoes finals set for tomorrow

The finals of the Wild Bunch Crew 27 team dominoes competition will take place tomorrow from 12.30pm at the R & R Sports Club Meadowbrook, organizer Mark ` Jumbie’  Wiltshire said yesterday.

The competition, which has been sponsored by Nigel’s Supermarket, will see the winning team receiving $180,000 and a trophy with $90,000 and a trophy going to the runners up and $45,000 and a trophy to the team placing third.

The fixtures for tomorrow are: Brazil vs. Wild Bunch vs. Turning Point; Mix Up vs. F&H vs. Next Level;  Specialist vs. T&T vs. R&R;  Troopers vs. Masters vs. Robb Street Masters and Rage vs. LRB vs. Robb Street Strikers.

Meanwhile Star player Neville Cadogan once again spearheaded Robb Street Strikers in their latest match which saw them qualifying for tomorrow’s finals.

Cadogan marked the maximum 18 games for the second match in succession as Robb Street Strikers and T&T made light work of the Robert Williams led Blue Birds team which was eliminated. Andrew Daly chipped in with  16 as Robb Street Strikers tallied 80 games  with T&T on 70 and Blue Birds in the cellar on  64 games.

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