Boxers eliminated at first hurdle of Commonwealth Youth Games

Boxers Mervin Ageday and Benjamin Henry are out of the Commonwealth Youth Games currently underway in the Isle of Man after losing their first round matches on Thursday.

According to the Commonwealth Games website, Henry retired with injuries.

However, President of the Guyana Amateur Boxing Association Steve Ninvalle said he was unaware of that.  Ninvalle said he was informed by Coach Seibert Blake that Henry’s match was stopped in the first round.

“If it was a serious injury I would have been notified about it,” he said.

Henry fought Canadian Jessy Brown, while Ageday faced Clair Merven of Mauritius.

Ninvalle said the association was saddened by the loss, but said the two are returning with experience.

“They are young men and the experience gained will make them better fighters.

“Under the circumstances the two did the best they could, they faced opponents with more experience and international exposure compared to them,” he said.

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