Players in national junior chess championship to emerge this weekend

The seven players advancing to the national junior chess championship will be known this weekend, after the final four rounds of the qualifiers are played at the West Demerara Secondary School.

Currently in the lead are Anthony Drayton and former champion Cecil Cox, sharing the top spot with four points apiece.

A release from the Chess Federation listed the top seven players as: Drayton, Cox, Roberto Neto, Ryan McKay, Meilkel Mahabir, Suhai Feng and Rashad Hussain.

Twenty-three players are currently vying for a chance to compete at the national championship. The seven players advancing to the junior championship will face Ron Motilall, current national champion.

Motilall, in a previous interview, said he has his eyes on three players, two of whom are leading the qualifiers. The other is Feng.
The qualifiers started last weekend.

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