Three-day Elite Rugby Sevens coaching workshop opens today

The North American & Caribbean Rugby Association (NACRA) will conduct an Elite Sevens coaching workshop today through Sunday at the Scouts Association of Guyana Headquarters on Woolford Avenue commencing at 17:00 hrs.

The workshop which is sponsored by the Commonwealth Games Federation in collaboration with the Guyana Rugby Football Union will be conducted by Scott Harland, NACRA Regional Development Officer and John Long, Rugby Canada Women’s Head Coach and Assistant Sevens Coach.

Minister of Culture, Youth & Sport, Dr Frank Anthony, has been invited to open the workshop.
Meanwhile, NACRA in collaboration with the Unit of Allied Arts, Ministry of Education, will conduct a Phys Ed/Basic Rugby Workshop for physical education teachers, sponsored by PAHO, on Monday.

The Allied Arts Phys Ed Workshop will be held at the Allied Arts Office, Queen’s College Compound, commencing at 15:00 hrs on Monday and will involve physical education teachers from a number of schools where rugby is already being coached or will be introduced as a sport on the curriculum.

The Phys Ed Workshop will be conducted by Scott Harland and will be opened by a representative of Allied Arts.
Elite Sevens workshop programme:

Today 17:00 hrs – 21:00 hrs: Strategy workshop:
the restart practice design and schedule

Saturday 9:00 hrs  – 11:30 hrs: Field session: Individual skills development
11:30 hrs – 13:30 hrs: Nutrition, recovery and injury treatment

13:30 hrs – 15:30 hrs: Field session: restarts, patterns, decision-making and team sessions
15:30 hrs – 16:30 hrs:  Questions, further demonstrations, wrap-up
18:00 hrs – 21:00 hrs: Informal discussion

On Sunday there will be a live practice game review at the National Park rugby ground starting at 09:00 hrs.

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