St David’s ‘deal with’ marijuana culprits

HAMILLTON, Bermuda, CMC – St David’s Cricket Club president Aaron Lugo says players caught smoking marijuana in the club’s changing room during a match last month have been “identified and dealt with”.

The incident led to veteran Bermuda batsman Lionel Cann to quit domestic cricket for the remainder of the season.

Lugo declined to identify the perpetrators, who have been suspended, or say how many players were involved.

“We can’t actually say who was partaking in the illegal activity because they do have livelihoods outside of amateur sport,” Lugo told the Royal Gazette newspaper on Friday.

“But these people were identified and dealt with. They were suspended and have agreed to write an apology to the club.”
The marijuana smoking took place in full view of the teenage son of Cann, who pleaded in vain to those taking part in the illegal activity in the dressing room to stop.

“This was definitely disrespectful for a young man to see and something I don’t condone,” he told the Gazette at the time.

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