Premature end to some Intermediate bouts

The second night of the Guyana Amateur Boxing Association (GABA) National Intermediate Championships Saturday last at the National Gymnasium saw almost half of the fights ending prematurely.

The card, which featured nine fistic bouts got off to a late start.

However, while the card was very entertaining to the sparse crowd that witnessed the contests, four of the nine bouts ended inside the distance.

One of those bouts that ended prematurely was the bout between Trevon King and Warren George.

King, who represents the Guyana Defence Force (GDF),  matched gloves with Five Star’s Boxing Gym’ s George in a welterweight bout.

George, who won an eight-second blinker against GDF’s Chris Holder on Friday night failed to make it two wins in two nights.

At 32 seconds into the first round, King, a lanky but deceptively strong puncher, landed a solid left hook to the chin of George, sending him sprawling to the canvas.

The Five Stars product arose from the canvas, looking  dazed and probably seeing a few stars himself.

His wobbly legs prompting the referee to put an end to the contest.

Another bout that ended inside the distance was the welterweight bout that featured Forgotten Youth Foundation’s (FYF) Laured Stewart and Harpy Eagles’ Mark Anthony. Stewart, who fought out of the blue corner, came out all guns blazing.

The promising FYF pugilist, who fights with good technique and skill, landed several clean punches to the head and body of his opponent. After Anthony received two eight counts, the referee deemed him unfit to continue and put an end to the bout after one minute and 41 seconds.

Anton Branch, who trains at the Harpy Eagles’ gym, forced Pocket Rocket’s Keon Williams’ corner to throw in the towel at one minute, 11 seconds of the first round. Branch, who fought out of the blue corner, came out slugging and wore eventually down the tired looking Williams.

Branch and Williams fought in a preliminary 105 to 110 pounds bout.

Harpy Eagles’ Elijah Insanally and Kurt Allicock started off the night’s proceedings in a 65 to 69 pounds bout. The two promising gym mates both put on a highly competitive preliminary bout with both youngsters giving a good account of themselves.

However, at the end of the three rounds, Allicock was adjudged the winner by a three to none decision.

The second bout which was also won by a 3 to none decision, went to Pocket Rocket Boxing Gym’s Jamal Eastman. The skillful Eastman, who is the nephew of Howard ‘Battersea Bomber’ Eastman, got the better of Harpy Eagles’ Jonathan Lewis. The bout was the 75 to 79 pounds final.

Also in a final bout, Forgotten Youth Foundation’s Shawn Michaels decisioned Harpy Eagles’ Akeem Daniels three to zero. The fight, which was a slugfest, could have been much closer if Daniels was not penalized for constant ducking. The braided Michaels and Daniels fought in the 100 to 104 pounds category.

Bantamweights Richard Williamson of Pocket Rocket Boxing Gym and GDF‘s Mark Marshall, both put on a highly competitive and punch-filled bout. The bout, which was arguably the most entertaining fight on the card, saw both boxers landing and taking clean hard shots. However, at the end of the fight the judges awarded the slightly more aggressive Williamson the winner by a two to one decision.

Ricola Warriors’ Marlon Darrel also got a decision victory over GDF’s Kevin David in a Junior Welterweight encounter. David, who gave a good account of himself, proved that he is no pushover.

However, the busier and harder hitting Darrel was eventually awarded a three to none decision.

In the final bout of the evening, middleweight boxers from the GDF Mark Gilford and Orell Bennett toyed with each other and the apparent friends showed no aggression towards each other and failed to land any significant punches. Gilford was eventually disqualified for not boxing in earnest. The championships concluded last night.

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