Seven players emerge for 2011 Junior Chess Championship

Seven top chess players in the TOPCO Juices junior championship 2011 qualifiers have emerged for the 2011 National Junior Championship, following the end of the qualifier tournament last weekend at the West Demerara Secondary School.

Anthony Drayton of the Government Technical Institute (GTI) was unbeaten and won the junior qualifying event. Junior player Suhai Feng who placed fifth was the only player who scored a draw against Drayton.

Chess Championship winners and DDL’s Larry Wills (sitting center) pose for a photo oppurtunity

The top seven qualifiers for the 2011 National Junior Championship are: Anthony Drayton, Rashad Hussain, Cecil Cox, Meikel Mahabir, Suhai Feng, Kana and Sham Khan.

The seven players will meet each other and current Junior Champion Ron Motilall in a single round robin challenge next month for the 2011 title of National Junior Chess Champion.

The final round of the tournament commenced on Sunday, and it saw a prolonged struggle between Sham Khan and Roberto Neto. Khan recovered from a lost position against Neto and his victory ensured seventh place for him and a chance to participate in the upcoming junior championships.

The points standings after eight rounds are: Anthony Drayton 7.5, Rashad Hussain 6, Cecil Cox, Meikel Mahabir and Suhai Feng 5.5 apiece, Kana and Sham Khan 5 points each. The tournament attracted 23 junior chess players.

DDL Marketing Representative Larry Wills presented the trophies and cash prizes to the winners on behalf of his company and pledged more support to chess next year.

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