GFF prohibited by interim injunction from interfering in football in Georgetown

Judge James Bovell-Drakes yesterday granted an interim injunction restraining executives of the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) from interfering in the management and administration of football in the Georgetown area.

The action, which was brought by Secretary of the Georgetown Football Association (GFA) Christopher Matthias on behalf of that body, names currently suspended GFF president Colin Klass, who will appear before FIFA investigators on Friday in Switzerland, Carlos Prowell, Frankie Wilson, Aubrey Major, Dwayne Lovell, Vanessa Dickinson, Noel Adonis and George Rutherford from interfering in the management of football in Georgetown.

Colin Klass
Aubrey ‘Shanghai’ Major
Carlos Prowell

The matter was also brought on behalf of the Flamingo, Charlestown, Georgetown, Beacon, Santos, Sunburst Camptown, Guyana Defence Force (GDF), Houston Stars and Fruta Conquerors football clubs.

Noel Adonis
George Rutherford
Vanessa Dickinson

Further, the parties are expected back in court on Friday for the hearing of the matter at 15:00 hours. Attorney Roysdale Forde appeared on behalf of the GFA, the plaintiff.

This latest development further highlights the volatile relationship between the GFF and GFA.

The GFA  has been fighting  to be duly  recognised by the local governing body for football (GFF).

The GFF and the GFA have been locked in a bitter dispute for some time, resulting in the postponement of the GFF elections and Congress  scheduled for May 27. The GFA had secured an injunction stopping the GFF from holding its elections. Prior to the judge granting that injunction there were two postponements of the elections due to the GFF accepting that it had breached Article 25 (2), (3) of the Constitution. Also, the GFA had contended that they wanted to be a part of the election process with other associations since they had proclaimed on numerous occasions that they were the most active.

When Stabroek Sport spoke with Kwabina Griffith he said that this action by the GFA was a final resort since executive members of the GFF continue to intimidate clubs and players because they participate in GFA planned tournaments.

He also noted that part of the action stemmed from the fact that the term in office has expired for Klass, Wilson, currently acting as president of the GFF, and Major, Organising Secretary of the federation.  He said that that they have made proposals and it would have been good if the matter could have been settled outside of court especially since they have submitted proposals to the GFF to bring about a speedy resolution. The GFA had submitted a four-point proposal:

(a) That the Georgetown Football Association resumes forthwith its status in the Guyana Football Federation as a full member with its entire collection of constitutional rights and privileges.

(b) That arrangements be made shortly thereafter for the holding of the elections with the full participation of all the members of the Guyana Football Federation in proposing and seconding candidates there for.

(c) That all sanctions imposed on clubs affiliated to the Georgetown Football Association be withdrawn immediately;

(d) That all other sub-associations be allowed to regularise their status within a reasonable time to afford them the opportunity to constitutionally participate in the aforementioned elections and to contribute meaningfully in the development of football in Guyana. On the other hand, Griffith said that the Constitution of the GFF does not make provision for a deputy General Secretary, a position George Rutherford currently holds.

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