Guyana Open Golf tournament drawing diverse field of contestants

By Iva Wharton

The Guyana Open Golf tournament which was launched yesterday at Banks DIH, Thirst Park

has attracted a diverse group of participants.

According to president of the Lusignan Golf Club, Brian Hackett, this year’s tournament will include a large contingent of overseas players which would serve to lift the level of the competition.

Banks DIH and Lusignan Golf Club officials at the launching of the Guyana Open tournament yesterday in the company’s boardroom at Thirst Park.

“This year we have a number of contestants from different parts of the world that have not come here before and play. So you will see a different flavour and you will see a field that is much more diverse than what is accustomed to.”

Competitors from Trinidad and French Guiana are the new additions while the others are from Canada, United States of America and Suriname.

According to Hackett there is going to be a fairly large contingent of overseas players. “The structure of the tournament is very simple – we have them in different flights depending on their skills. For the 0 to 9 handicapped, that’s one group that will be competing and essentially that’s where the champion is going to be coming from. Then you have 10 to 18 and 18 to 28. Then the ladies will play one flight 0 to 28.”

Hackett said in the handicapped flight approximately 20 of the best players will be contesting for the number one position.

The Guyana Open, Hackett said, is the most prestigious tournament and it brings together all the top players locally and overseas.

According to him, it’s the finale of the year and the golfers have been known to practice year round for this tournament.

Carlton Joao, Bank DIH Sales and Marketing Executive, said the company was honoured to be partnering with the Lusignan Golf Club once again.

“Our relationship goes back many, many years and we have seen the premier Guyana Open grow from strength-to-strength. Last year we had 75

participants including 24 overseas players and these numbers tell of the significant growth of the tournament.”

The tournament is being sponsored under its product brand R1 Vodka.

The value of the sponsorship was not disclosed but Hackett said the company was still improving on its sponsorship.

“As the programme continues and events unfold they’re adding different aspects to it and so the cost could not be determined at this time.”

The tournament starts on Saturday and among the players competing are Roger Rajkumar, Andrew Claxton, Anwar Saffie, Colin Ming, William Walker, Clifford Reis, Joaan Deo, Christine Sukhram and defending champion Avinash Persaud.

Among the overseas players are five females from Suriname and Trinidad.

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