Ageday raise soil concerns ahead of today’s track and field events

From Treiston Joseph
 in Suriname

Guyana’a Inter Guiana games track and field team had a successful final training session yesterday morning at the Andre Kamperveen Stadium in preparation for today’s athletic events.

Going through their regular paces the Guyanese athletes seemed somewhat comfortable and confident of their chances.

While the grass is similar to their home turf, the athletes, mainly the sprinters, complained about the looser type of under soil which they were unaccustomed to.

Chavez Ageday

Top 100 and 200 metres sprinter Chavez Ageday stated:“I’m getting nothing out of both my spikes, the soil is very loose.”

Speaking with coach Julian Edmonds he concluded that…. “the under soil is sand-based and the grass is very thick.

“I don’t expect fast times but we need to get the appropriate spikes which would be wet weather spikes…it also looks like they recently scattered sand on the ground,” Edmonds told Stabroek Sport.

The field event athletes also seemed confident about their chances while triple jumper Parrish Cadogan pointed out that the breeze was heavy on the side of the ground where the jumping pit is situated but he also noted that the jumping pit was perfect for jumping.

Coach Robert Chisholm who is also a part of the team issued that the training session was a success.

“I think that today’s training has been a success especially for the field events…some of the athletes can really throw and showed them some other techniques and they realized that they’re throwing further than they normally do,” Chisholm concluded.

However, after the training session the athletes went through a mental preparation session for their events led by coach Edmonds.

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