Today’s Bakewell softball fixtures

Cyril Potter College Ground-  Pitch 1. 9:30am Savage vs Success. 1:30pm Uitvlugt Warriors vs Industry Super Kings. Pitch 2. 9:30am LBI Top Guns vs North American Spares, 11:30am Deryck Auto Spares vs Higher Level, 1:30pm RRT Vipers vs Supreme Hawks. Pitch 3. 9:30am Herstelling vs Bel Air, 11:30am Herstelling vs Trappers, 1:30pm Better Hope vs Bel Air.

Queen’s College Ground- Pitch 1. 9:30am Rising Stars vs Young Achievers Female, 10:30am 4R Lioness vs Trophy Stall Angels, 11:30am Wellwoman vs Rising Stars, 12:30pm Trophy Stall Angels vs Buxton Stars, 1:30pm Mahaica Creek Princesses vs Under Dogs. Pitch 2.  9:30am Young Vikings vs Annandale Marshon Females, 10:30am Ariel Divas vs Cummings Lodge Angels, 11:30am Mahaica Creek Princesses vs Sweet Angels,12:30pm Young Vikings vs Cummings Lodge Angels, 1:30pm Ariel Divas vs Annandale Marshon Females.

Ministry of Education Ground- Pitch 1. 9:30am Floodlights vs Trophy Stall, 11:30am Omesh vs Rockaway, 1:30pm Omesh vs Redemption. Pitch 2. 9:30am Lusignan Gopal Mandir vs Tornado, 11:30am Trophy Stall B vs Little Nine, 1:30pm Park Rangers vs East Bankers.

Results for match between Rosehall Town Metro and Karibe Girls.

Rosehall Town Metro def. karibe Girls by 20 runs.

Rosehall Town Metro 106 for 4. Shermain Campbell 20, Tessa Cort 36 not out, Nairmala Cewdat 20 not out. karibe  Girls 86 for 6. M.Tony 23, Hema Mohabir 20, Jackie Singh 2 for 12, Shermain Campbell 2 for 13.

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