Stage set for GFSCA international tournaments

The Guyana Floodlight Softball Cricket Association (GFSCA) is all set to host its first international softball tournament this weekend.

Sixteen teams will take part in the three-day tournament which commences on October 28 and ends on October 30.

Matches will be held simultaneously at four venues in Georgetown. The venues are Bourda, Everest, Queen’s College Ground and Ministry of Sports Ground.

Preliminary matches and the semi-finals will be played at these venues on Friday and Saturday with the two finals set for the Everest ground only on Sunday from 10:30am.

Admission for the finals is $500 but there is no price of admission for matches on Fridays and Saturday at all venues.
Eight foreign and eight local will be competing for the World’s Softball Club supremacy.

The tournament will be divided into two categories of eight teams each the Guyana Cup Open 20/20 and the Guyana Masters Cup 20/20.

The eight teams taking part the Guyana Cup Open are: Dant’s XI Canada, SFSCL All Stars (South Florida Softball Cricket League), NYSCL All Star (New York Softball Cricket League), Florida Hurricanes, Memorex, Cotton Field Wildoats, Trophy Stall and Regal.

The first prize is $600,000  and a trophy with the . runners-up receiving $200,000  and a trophy.

Teams participating in the Guyana Masters Cup 20/20,  are: NYSCL Legend, Canada Beavers, Softball Cricket International (Miami), New York President XI, GFSCA Floodlights, Regal Seniors, Savage Masters and Albion Masters.

The winning team will receive a trophy and $400,000 + with $100,000 and a trophy for the runner up team.

The Most Valuable Players for each tournament will receive a 10 pennyweight, 14 carat men’s bracelet. Official sponsors for this tournament are Steve’s Jewelry, Trophy Stall, Survival, Digicel, Mike’s Pharmacy, Clear Waters, Busta Soft Drink, Bel Air Texaco and Ray’s Auto Sales.

There will also be four female teams involved in three 10/10 exhibition softball matches on Sunday at the Guyana Cup finals.

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