Sarwan in hot water with GCB

-faces police probe; disciplinary measures by governing body

Former Guyana captain Ramnaresh Sarwan has found himself in hot water with the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) following a dispute over his non selection on the Guyana national Twenty20 team named for next year’s regional Twenty20 tournament.

According to the GCB, Sarwan reportedly telephoned Chairman of the GCB’s senior selection panel Rayon Griffith and that matter is now engaging the attention of the Guyana Police Force, the GCB stated yesterday.

Additionally, the GCB ischarging that there is a possibility that a document submitted by Sarwan as a medical record is probably illegal.
Yesterday the GCB in a statement to the media defended the non selection of Sarwan from the national Twenty20 team.

“It has come to our attention through various media outlets, that Mr. Sarwan has made some very serious allegations against the Guyana Cricket Board, its Chairman of Selectors and selection committee. The GCB would like to state clearly it believes in the integrity of the selection process and its Chairman, Rayon Griffith,” part of the GCB’s statement read.

Sarwan’s omission from the  14-member team named Monday, sparked off a tit-for-tat squabble between the GCB and the prominent West Indies and Guyanese batsman, who stated that he had submitted a medical report to the GCB prior to the selection of 14-member team.

The GCB’ response was that at the time of the release of the team, the GCB had already met the West Indies Cricket Board’s (WICB) deadline for submission of the squad list for participation in the T20 tournament.

Ramnaresh Sarwan

“The GCB received communication from Mr. Sarwan on 12th November indicating he was confident he would be injury free by the 2nd of December; this was passed on to the Chairman of Selectors. On the 4th December 2011, during the finals of the competition, Mr. Sarwan telephoned Mr. Griffith and engaged in behaviour now attracting the attention of the Guyana Police Force,” the statement read.

The GCB also stated that it was baffled by Sarwan’s claim that he was working on his fitness during the Canadian winter. Further, the GCB is viewing Sarwan’s furnishing of a medical record which claimed that he was fit from Forrest Nelson, a personal trainer who has a degree as a Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA), with some scepticism.

“Mr. Sarwan’s suggestion that he is working on match fitness in Canada during winter is baffling. At 4.15 pm on the 5th December 2011, one day after the squad was selected; Mr. Sarwan forwarded an email containing what he purports to be a medical report. (See attachment)

“This ‘document’ originated from Mr. Forrest Nelson, a personal trainer who has a degree as a physical therapy assistant (PTA). The presentation of this document as a medical report by an assistant physical therapist is viewed as unethical and possibly illegal.

“The Physical Therapist Assistant Degree programme prepares individuals to work in the Health Care field under the direct supervision of a physical therapist in a variety of settings,” the release stated.

The GCB is also claiming that while the Carib/Pepsi T20 Big Smash competition was designed to provide opportunity and preparation for cricketers, at no time was Sarwan ineligible to play.

The GCB said it views Sarwan’s behaviour as another attempt “to influence the selection process and abuse to executive members” and this has caused grave concern at the GCB.

The GCB said it will be instituting disciplinary measures against the player who has also been sidelined by the West Indies selectors for his casual approach to fitness and the game.

To whom it may concern,
My name is Forrest Nelson. I am a therapist at Memorial West Hospital located in Pembroke Pines, Florida. I have had the privilege to treat Ronnie Sarwan for a back pathology for approximately six weeks. Initially Ronnie presented with radicular pain into his right buttocks region. Ronnie received Physical Therapy that consisted of manual techniques, independent soft tissue mobilization, manual and self-active mobility, dynamic and static stretching, strengthening exercises and beginning plyometrics.

Ronnie currently presents without radicular symptoms. He has shown the ability to accept high level strengthening exercises, functional mobility exercises, and sport specific activities without evidence of back or radicular symptoms. Ronnie has demonstrated an ability to tolerate stress that would appear comparable to his sport.
Best Regards,
Forrest Nelson B.S, PTA, A.C.E P.T

A copy of Sarwan’s medical report faxed by the Guyana Cricket Board yesterday.

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