‘I’m available’

- Sarwan tells GCB he’s available for regional first-class tourney

GEORGETOWN, Guyana, CMC – Ramnaresh Sarwan said he was now looking forward to play for Guyana in next year’s WICB Regional first-class championship.

The embattled Guyana and West Indies batsman has denied making any inappropriate comments to the chairman of the national selection panel following his non-selection for the upcoming Caribbean Twenty20 Championship.

The 31-year-old Sarwan has also written the Guyana Cricket Board informing them that he was available to take part in national trial matches ahead of the first-class tournament.

Sarwan said he was over his recent injury trouble that sidelined him from West Indies trips to Bangladesh and India.
“I received physical therapy services from November 4 to 30 having been diagnosed with lumbar internal disc disruption,” he said. “I have cleared by [my doctor] to return to full activities.

“Accordingly, I am available for selection and would like to be considered to be selected as part of the team.”

Sarwan noted however, that recent public comments from the GCB about his health were unfounded.

Ramnaresh Sarwan

“Clearly, in light of the foregoing, the GCB’/s comments concerning my medical treatment, i.e. that the treatment received was unethical and possibly illegal, questioning the integrity of the doctors and the institution to which they are attached, are without basis and appear designed solely to malign me and my medical practitioners as well as a well-respected hospital,” he said. “I request that the relevant comments be immediately withdrawn and the record be set straight. Out of an abundance of caution, I have notified the relevant practitioners and the hospital of these potentially defamatory comments and reserve all rights in this regard.” Sarwan also said the GCB were wrong to ignore his claims for a place in the CT20 side since they did follow the standard process established by the relevant agreements between the West Indies Cricket Board and West Indies Players’ Association, to which the territorial boards are bound.

“In fact these agreements first require a diagnosis from a board appointed doctor, and proscribe that if I disagree with the first diagnosis and require a second opinion, that I may obtain one at my own expense, and in the event there are differences in views by both medical practitioners, an independent person be appointed, and that assessment be final and binding,” he said.

“To my dismay and disappointment, this process was entirely disregarded. It is truly unfortunate that instead of guaranteeing my basic right, the GCB has instead decided to abandon me and make a decision without having complied with established procedure and attempting to properly ascertain all the underlying facts.”

The GCB had threatened to take disciplinary against Sarwan for his public comments and alleged threats to the chairman of the NSP during a telephone conversation from Canada.

He however, seemed to have struck a conciliatory tone, offering to meet with GCB officials to resolve any issues between them.
“Please make the necessary arrangements to have that meeting if deemed necessary, and in that vein, I remind you of my right to have my representative attend with me if I deem it fit to facilitate any such meeting,” he said.

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