Girls Basketball Development Jamboree today and tomorrow at CASH

The Youth Basketball Guyana (YBG) Organization will be staging the YBG Girls Basketball Development Jamboree today and tomorrow from 12:30hrs at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall.

According to a press release, the programme will include Saint Stanislaus College, Marian Academy, Charlestown Secondary, New Campbellville Secondary, a Berbice combined team and Sports Hall Cluster (a compilation of girls who practice at the Sports Hall).

The programme is also open to all girls hoping to learn the sport. The  programme aims to stimulate progress in girls basketball locally, President of YBG, Chris Bowman stated.

“The programme is a focused effort to create a launching pad for junior girls basketball.

“It’s developmental more than competitive…a more fun developmental approach,” Bowman added in the press release.

Netball Coach Lavern Fraser Thomas will also be one of the facilitators of the programme and will advise the girls on the dress code in sports, hygiene and other related matters.

Meanwhile at the end of the weekend YBG will also identify the top performers to become members of the YBG Elite girls’ teams. That team will then play a game against the senior local girls’ team to cap the weekend of activities.

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