Pauline London says showdown with Gwendolyn O’Neil is “do-or-die”

By Iva Wharton

Pauline London promises fireworks on October 29 when she faces heavyweight champion Gwendolyn O’Neil in what she maintains will be a “do-or-die” battle.

“The fight would be a very good fight. I am willing to go the distance because I am training very hard for it.”

Pauline London does some work on the heavy bag in preparation for her upcoming fight this month end against Gwendolyn O’Neil. (Orlando Charles photo)

The mother of five said she was happy for this opportunity as it is a step in the right direction.

This fight, she said, is the biggest yet of her boxing career.

“This fight means good for me, it’s a long time that I wanted to fight Gwendolyn O’Neil.”

This will be the first time that London will be facing O’Neil and according to her, she is not leaving anything to chance.

London said that speed was her weakest point and she was working to fix that.

Coach George `Canchie’ Oprecht, said London was working very hard, but added that she has a long way to go.

“She is not in top shape as yet, but by fight night, she is going to be in shape.”

London is in training at the Andrew ‘Sixhead’ Lewis Gym where she spoke with Stabroek Sport.

Oprecht believes that London will get the better of O’Neil. They are still on general training, but will start focusing on individual areas very soon.

“Gwendolyn is a very skillful fighter so we have to improve on technique and set a trap for Gwendolyn and hope that she falls into it,” Oprecht said.

The 36-year-old London said she has been boxing for 10 years and is yet to meet her toughest opponent and whether O’Neil is that fighter will be known on October 29.

London said she quit her job as a security officer to prepare for this fight, which she described as “do-or-die”.

The sport, she said, has a lot to offer women but they just have to be patient.

“I know what I get out of the sport because all the time I was putting my money to good use so when I finish with the game my kids could see what I get out of the sport and make the decision to follow the sport.”

London said she has received lots of advice from her sister and fellow boxer Pamela London, who has faced O’Neil.

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