Kares Engineering T/10 tapeball registration closes Sunday

The forms are in, the grouping stage has begun and all that remains is for the teams to play for the glory.

So stated a release from the organizers yesterday which also sought to remind interested teams that the closing date for entries is Sunday.

According to the release, over 800 teams have already entered, a fact which Managing Director of Kares Engineering, Radesh Rameshwar was delighted with.

Rameshwar is urging the various clubs and teams who have not submitted their registration forms to do so as he is hoping to have over 1000 teams playing in this inaugural tournament.

Rameshwar further commented that the purpose of the nationwide event was to invest approximately $25m dollars towards the growth of the nation as well as to foster social cohesion among communities.

The tournament will also afford the players of each community to display and improve their skills, Rameshwar declared.

The male winners of the tournament will receive $1m and a trophy while  the man-of-the-final and the man-of-the-tournament will each ride away with a scooter.

The female winners of the tournament will receive $500,000 and a trophy while the woman-of-the-final will also ride off with a scooter.

There is a special school tournament where the winners will receive $200,000 which will go towards the development of the school while  the player-of-the semi final and final in the male and female competitions will each receive a Laptop.

The competition is set to bowl off  on July 3 at the GCC Ground, Bourda following an official launch and opening ceremony.

Unregistered teams are asked to note that there will be no further extension to the June 26 deadline and are urged to submit their forms to the various zone representatives.

The forms are available in the press and the final publication date will be tomorrow.

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