Players to blame for Pakistan team’s problems – manager

KARACHI, (Reuters) – A small cabal of Pakistan’s  cricketers had interfered in the team’s management, leaked  confidential information and contributed to a divisive culture,  the team’s long-term manager has said.

Intikhab Alam

The team has been riven by controversy in the past three  years with significant player turnover and a revolving door in  the captaincy while three players were also embroiled in a  spot-fixing scandal and received lengthy bans.

“There were times when 15 minutes after a team meeting  television channels were running tickers about things that  happened or were discussed in the meeting,” Intikhab Alam told  Pakistan’s Geo Super channel.

“There are many things that are not for public and media  consumption and when they are leaked to the media it creates   problems within the team.

“This is a big problem in the team. There is a need for  these players to sit down and discuss everything including  reservations with the management.

“These things have damaged Pakistan cricket and are not good  for our image.”

Alam, however, said the Pakistan Cricket Board had taken a  strong line against the players, forced some out and tried to  change the culture in the past 12 months.

“We are trying to set things right now and developing a more  positive culture,” the former leg-spinner added.

“We have also tried reforming and reasoning with the players  and they are now responding well which is good for Pakistan  cricket.”

The 69-year-old Alam, who played 47 tests and was coach from  Oct. 2008 to March 2010 before being appointed as manager,  admitted he had been critical of the team’s culture in his  reviews.

“Whatever I have written in my reports is facts and what I   honestly believe is true and is my own personal assessment of  the players,” he added.

“If I try to hide these things I am not helping Pakistan  cricket or these players. (The) truth must come out.”

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