De Sinco hard court facility a step in the right direction

-Says Minister Frank Anthony

Sport Minister Dr. Frank Anthony labelled the De Sinco Trading Limited hard court cricket facility a step in the right direction for cricket development when it was commissioned at the Gandhi Youth Organisation (GYO) ground, Woolford Avenue, last evening.

He was also speaking on the occasion of the launch of the Georgetown Cricket Association (GCA) De Sinco Under-13 cricket competition that commences this morning with three games at various venues.

Members of the head table at the opening of the hard court cricket facility yesterday (from left): representative of GYO, Khemraj Ramjattan, Dr. Frank Anthony, Dr. Lionel Jaikarran, Frank De Abreu and Roger Harper. (Orlando Charles photo)

The minister noted that the facility will especially come in handy during the rainy season, a sentiment that was also shared by president of the GCA, Roger Harper.

Further, Dr. Anthony spoke briefly on the endemic rise of non-communicable diseases in Guyana among the citizenry while also congratulating the “Gandhi Youth Organisation for the development and introduction of an all purpose cricket day and night facility,” which was built to the tune of $2.1M.

Also present at the ceremony were presidents of the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) and GYO Chetram Singh and Khemraj Ramjattan respectively and Managing Director and vice president of GYO of De Sinco Trading Limited Frank DeAbreu. A tribute was also made by ‘Uncle Shiv’ to former West Indies and Guyana legend Rohan Kanhai.

Harper, speaking briefly, said that the facility was a good initiative. He also thanked the company for its support and sponsorship of youth cricket in the Georgetown area.

Young cricketers paid rapt attention to the speakers at the GYO ground where the all-purpose facility was commissioned yesterday. (Orlando Charles photo)

Singh in his address stated that under-13 competitions are ideal ways to mould and nurture the talents of young players.

The tournament’s concept was even better received because there are not many competitions below the under-15 level according to Singh, adding his praises for the largesse of the sponsor.

Ramjattan sent a stern message when he said that more cricket needs to be played on the field rather than in the courtroom, hinting at the current saga that has embroiled the GCB, the Demerara Cricket Board (DCB). Further, he explained that the GYO “is forever indebted to De Sinco Trading” for the all purpose facility.

On the other hand, De Abreu emphasised that more corporate partners come on board in support of the development of sport and its athletes. Further, he said that it should be a company’s duty to give back to the society in some way and therefore his company feels compelled to help sport and its development in Guyana.

Meanwhile, the 25-over point system competition will see six teams from five clubs vying for the title of under-13 champions. GYO will be fielding two teams, GYO A and B, while Georgetown Cricket Club (GCC), Demerara Cricket Club (DCC), Malteenoes Sports Club (MSC) and Everest Cricket Club (ECC) make up the roster of teams.

The competition bowls off at 09:30 hours at GYO, Muslim Youth Organisation (MYO) and Guyana National Industrial Corporation (GNIC) grounds.

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