Bakewell Softball fixtures for today

Following are today’s fixtures in the Guyana Floodlights Softball Cricket Association’s Blackwell sponsored competition.

Demerara Zone: Saints Ground: Pitch 1 – 9:30am-Floodlights vs. Back Street Warriors Seniors. 1:30pm-Wellwoman vs. Young Vikings. 2:30pm-Underdogs vs. Cummings Lodge Angels. 3:30pm-4R Lioness vs. Young Vikings. Pitch 2 – 9:30am-Farm vs. Trophy Stall A. 11:30am-Annandale Marshon Females vs. Underdogs. 12:30 pm-Farms vs. Tornado. 2:30 pm-Tornados vs. Trophy Stall A.

Education Ground: Pitch 1 – 9:30am-Supreme Hawks vs. Road Runners. 11:30am-Young Guns vs. G.P.O.C. 1:30pm-Good Fortuin All Stars A vs. Trophy Stall B. 3:30pm-G.P.O.C. vs. Good Fortuin All Stars B. Pitch 2 – 9:30am-Higher Level vs. Acomplishment. 11:30am-Cena X1 vs. Speedboat. 1:30pm-Little Nine vs. Star Boys.

Enterprise Ground: Pitch 1 – 1:30pm-Mahaica Masters vs. Enterprise Legends. Pitch 2 – 9:30am-Buxton Stars vs. Enterprise Stars. 11:30am-Sweet Angels vs. Young Achievers Female.

Cyril Potter College Ground: Pitch 1 – 9:30am-Davo’s Lumberyard Ogle Industry vs. L.B.I. Top Gun. 11:30am-Lusignan Gopaul Mandir vs. Black Caps. 1:30pm-Back Street Warriors Juniors vs. Redemption. Pitch 2 – 9:30am-Derick Auto Spares vs. J and J Bengal Tigers. Pitch 3 – 9:30am-Challengers vs. R.R.T. Vipers. 11:30am-Rockaway vs. Trappers. 1:30 pm-Juices Power vs. Black Caps.

Berbice Zone: 10:30am-Park Rangers vs. Albion Masters at Albion. Rose Hall Ground: 10:00am-Rose Hall Females vs. Edinburg Females. 11:30am-Karibee Girls vs. Rose Hall Females. BHS Ground: 10:00am-Memorex vs. Taliban. 1:00pm-Memorex vs. Crabwood Creek. Canefield Ground: 10:00am-Crabwood Creek vs. Celebrity Times. 1:00pm-Taliban vs. Celebrity Times.

Essequibo Zone: Airy Hall Ground: 10:00am-Airy Hall vs. Starlite X1. 12:15pm-Adventure SC vs. All Star. Perseverance Beach: 9:15am-Die Hard vs. Queenstown United. No 1 Ground, Affiance: 10:00am-Affiance Storm vs. Young Warriors.

Teams must turn up on time and a list of 15 players must be submitted to the umpire.

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