Mackeson Smooth Moves 3-on-3 b/ball tournament bounces off tomorrow

The Mackeson Smooth Moves 3-on-3 basketball tournament will bounce off tomorrow at the newly-refurbished Mackenzie Sports Club Hard Court from 16:00 hours.

According to a press release, the countrywide tournament is offering a $1,000,000 prize to the winners of the inaugural event.

The organizers, who had announced a first prize trip to the NBA All-Star Weekend in Orlando next year, might have to put their promise on pause due to the current National Basketball Association (NBA) lockout that is currently going on between the players and the owners which could possibly see the cancellation of the 2011-12 season or a shortened season.

The release noted that if the NBA season starts and there is an Allstar weekend then the winners can choose between the $1,000,000 prize and going to the Allstar weekend since that was the initial plan, according to Ansa McAl’s Beer and Beverage Brand Coordinator Nigel Worrell.

While some of the rules have changed due to the format, registration according to the organizers has been encouraging for the tournament.

However, the newly-instituted rules were revised and cemented during a workshop among officials from Linden, Georgetown and Berbice. Referees were also made aware of the difference in play between 3-on-3 and the regular game of basketball.

Organisers are also hoping for a large turnout at the grand opening tomorrow when Ansa McAl plans to officially handover the newly-constructed dressing room area to the MSC management.

Meanwhile after tomorrow’s event in Linden, the following weekend’s games will be played in Georgetown at the Burnham Basketball Court as well as  the Albouystown Court.

Buxton and New Amsterdam along with Bartica and Anna Regina are also scheduled to have matches next weekend.

Some of the changes in the rules are as follows:

The games will be played for 15 minutes, seven and a half minutes per half, with a 30-secnd time out in each half.

A team must consist of four players, with none being under the age of 18. The organizers have warned that strict rules are in place if a team is found with such a  player, since it is an event that is being sponsored under an alcoholic beverage brand and  there’s a law that prohibits minors from participating.

Each basket beyond the arc (three-point line) will count as two points and inside will count as one. The first team to reach 21 points even before the 15 minutes of play will be declared the winner.

To start the game, the two team captains will flip a coin and after every basket, the defensive team will have possession. A four-foul limit per player rule will be in effect with substitutions being made when the ball is dead.

Unlike the usual game, one referee will be in charge along with one person being responsible for keeping time and scoring.

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