Suriname softball players suffer from larceny at Everest Cricket Club

By Iva Wharton

Last Saturday softball players from Suriname lost thousands of dollars in cash and other valuables in a larceny incident while they were on the field at the Everest Cricket Club, Carifesta Avenue, in a match against their Guyanese counterparts.

Stabroek  Sport learnt that the thief or thieves made off with four Blackberry cell phones, jewellery,  and US$1,000 along with a sum of Euros.

Police Public Relations Officer, Ivelaw Whittaker, via telephone yesterday said that the matter was being investigated.

According to Whittaker several persons were questioned but no arrests have been made.

Whitakker said it was not a robbery but an act of larceny.

A female who requested anonymity said that the Surinamese delegation left Guyana yesterday but they were very disappointed.

The players did not expect such a reception in Guyana and some have vowed never to return.

A similar act was committed at the Guyana Cricket Club Ground (GCC) against Guyanese players who were at the time engaged in a practice match against Trinidad recently.

The players lost close to $1.5 million, including cell phones and other valuables. Approximately $800,000 was the properly of national cricketer Royston Crandon.

Whittaker said that while the crimes are similar in nature there is nothing to suggest that they were committed by the same perpetrators.

He described them as crimes of opportunity which happen daily. The perpetrators, he said, committed the act after seeing no security personnel on site.

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