Bin Hammam says hopes for fair trial

DOHA, (Reuters) – Suspended Asian soccer chief  Mohamed bin Hammam is unhappy at the way information was leaked  during a bribery investigation but wants a fair trial when he  appears at a FIFA Ethics Committee meeting later this month.

Mohamed bin Hammam

Bin Hammam is facing allegations that he attempted to bribe  members of the Caribbean Football Union in order to secure their  votes in the June FIFA election against Sepp Blatter at a  meeting held in Port of Spain, Trinidad in May.

The Ethics Committee meeting will be convened in Zurich on  July 22.

“Throughout this entire trial and investigation, there’ve  been continuous leaks of confidential information,” the Qatari  wrote on his blog ( on Thursday.

“There’ve been comments made publicly by persons involved in  the process of investigation. I’d made it clear that there’s  been a bias against me.

“Despite all these, I’m still looking for and hoping to  receive a fair hearing — one which will not be influenced by  any political agenda or motivation.”

Bin Hammam and former CONCACAF chief Jack Warner were     provisionally suspended a few days before last month’s vote to  elect FIFA’s president.

While Warner resigned from FIFA, prompting the sport’s  governing body to drop an investigation into him, bin Hammam has  decided to face a full inquiry.

“I hope that the decision will be made solely by the members  of this committee and based solely on the facts presented and  not based on assumptions or the wishes of people outside the   committee,” said bin Hammam.

A source close to the Qatari say FIFA are keen for him to  quit so that it can close the case without further  embarrassment.

A guilty verdict could have ramifications for Qatar’s  successful bid for the 2022 World Cup while if he was cleared  there could be calls for a re-run of FIFA’s presidential  election, the source added.

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