Yamaha Caribs outplayed the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) ‘A’ to walk away with the Banks DIH Sevens trophy yesterday at the National Park.

Caribs, who reached the final of the tournament last year, salvaged some amount of retribution by defeating   GDF ‘A’ 24-17 in this year’s edition of what can be termed as the season opener for Sevens rugby in Guyana.

Caribs got the ball rolling early as good ball movement saw Valon Adams scoring a try before national coach Theodore Henry converted a two point kick to put Caribs up seven-nil.

Carl Lewis (with ball in hand) makes another one of his moves after receiving a pass from Theodore Henry.(Orlando Charles photo)

Henry looked unstoppable in breaking away from a series of tireless tackles to carry the score to 12-0 before putting the breaks on GDF’s offense with a clutch defensive stop before the end of the first period.

Immediately into the second half, captain of the Caribs team Walter George got an early break from the lacklustre defense of GDF to score while Henry punted another two point conversion as Caribs went up 19-0.

GDF’s Terry Morrison then made a successful run and scored. Morrison also converted the free kick to close the gap to 7-19 before Adams converted another easy try to make the score 24-7.

The game eventually ended 24-17 in favor of Caribs with GDF scoring the last two tries through John Mars and Cloyd Prowell respectively.

However, while Caribs outdid their opponents, it was the winger, Carl Lewis, who is also a national 100 and 200 metres sprinter, that made most of the difference throughout the tournament with his rapid leg speed on the wing scoring in all of the games except the final.

The female aspect of tournament was postponed to this Saturday to the displeasure of the female Yamaha Caribs team.

The winning Yamaha Caribs team poses with the winning trophy after the presentation ceremony of the Banks DIH Limited Sevens tournament.(Orlando Charles photo)

In speaking with some of the females from the team Stabroek Sport learnt that while they turned up with a full 12-member squad, the Pepsi Hornets female team was a no show and therefore according to the rules the Caribs should have been granted a walkover and the winning trophy.

However, this did not occur as match secretary and secretary of the Hornets, John Lewis, postponing the female tournament to this Saturday.

“My mind is a logical mind and I cannot have a competition with one team alone and just grant them a walkover, it’s not a case where they were three teams and one didn’t show up and the other two play in the final…I gave them advice and if they don’t like my decision then they can write the union,” Lewis stated when asked by Stabroek Sport why the walkover was not granted.

Meanwhile, the Guyana Rugby Football Union (GFRU) shortlisted 36 players to train for the upcoming Pan American games in Mexico which will commence from today in the National Park under the guidance of Henry.

Those player are:- Forwards: Jason Tyrell, Walter George, Dwayne Schroeder, Avery Corbin, Dillon Downer, Richard Staglon, Jermaine Prowell, Valon Adams and Marvin Steven.

Half-Backs: Ryan Gonsalves, Chris Singh, Leon Greaves, Peabo Hamilton and Lance Adonis.

Backs: Ronald Mayers, Troy Bascom, Kevin McKenzie, Claudius Butts, Ryan Hinckson, Elwin Chase, Claude Alexander, Dominic Lespierre, Dane Parks, Rodwell Hutson, Rupert Giles, Blaise Bailey, Brian Walks, Kevin Joseph, Rickford Cummings, O’Neil Charles, Tristan Fraites, Danny Anderson, John Mars, Carl Lewis, Akeem Fraser and Kester Lowe.

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