GRFU announces IRB Sevens team

The Guyana Rugby Football Union (GRFU) yesterday named their 12-man team that will be representing Guyana at the International Rugby Board (IRB) Sevens World Series on February 12 and 13 in Las Vegas, United States.
With only days remaining before the IRB Sevens Series, which can be deemed the World Cup of Sevens Rugby, the GRFU disclosed Guyana’s IRB team to media operatives during a press conference at Olympic House, High Street.

Members of the national rugby Sevens team go through a passing exercise yesterday at the National Park as they prepare for the IRB Sevens World Series on February 12 and 13.

Announcing the names was Director of Sevens Rugby and Chairman of the GRFU’s selection committee Mike McCormack, in the presence of GRFU President Kit Nascimento, Vice-President and Team Manager Robin Roberts and National Rugby Coach/Player Theodore Henry.
McCormack said that the task of selecting a final team from the squad that was in training was very difficult since the players were very dedicated in their efforts to raise themselves to the level required for the upcoming tournament.

“We have learnt over the last two years that participation at international levels of sport is a whole new ball game compared to regional competition. The intensity of the training that has to be sustained is beyond anything I think any team in Guyana that is not playing at an international level has experienced,” McCormack said as he highlighted the intensity of the preparations.

He added that in addition to this, the teams that participate in international rugby are supported by an infrastructure that is much broader in terms of resources than in Guyana.

“We go there not only as novices in the sense that we are recently playing at this level, but our infrastructure is extremely narrow,” McCormack added.

The Sevens Director further explained that with the level of competition that the national team is likely to meet at the IRB Sevens Series, it must be prepared to take advantage of every scoring opportunity.

“When we are playing in Las Vegas against teams of world class quality, you don’t get chances. The most you get is  half a chance and you got to be able to seize it,” McCormack said prior to disclosing the names of team members.

Also commenting on the team’s preparation was Henry, who is also playing the role of team captain.

“Most of our sessions were designed around a lot of defensive work, defensive alignment, a lot of communication and more emphasis on set pieces, mainly kick offs, line outs, scrums.”

“It’s just about getting the team clicking and everybody on the ball, in terms of what to do in certain situations,” Henry explained.

Meanwhile, the team for this year’s IRB Series reads: Theodore Henry, Walter George, Avery Corbin, Rupert Giles, Elwin Chase, Ryan Gonsalves, Leon Greaves, Peabo Hamilton, Claudius Butts, Dane Parks, Dominic Lespierre and Ronald Mayers.

The reserves are: Valon Adams, Christopher Singh and Troy Bascom.

The team will be departing Guyana next Tuesday for the upcoming tournament.

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