Ambassador Sandoval brings Mexican culture to Guyana

– welcomes reciprocity

Guyanese have been “very receptive” of Mexican cultural events which have been held here over the past two years and locals are “welcome” to perform in the Central American country, Ambassador Fernando Sandoval says.

The Mexican ambassador has been playing a key role in organising events held here since he was installed as ambassador some two and a half years ago.

Several patrons having a taste of Mexican cuisine during an event which showcased traditional foods of the Central American country in May this year at the Georgetown Club.

During an interview with The Scene recently, Ambassador Sandoval noted that Mexico has “a lot more to offer” than the criminal image which the country has been portrayed as having in recent times.

He said the country is rich in its diverse culture and as such he has been promoting the traditional cultural activities of Mexico here over the past two years. He noted that Guyanese did not know much about “that side of the Mexican culture but [the public] has been very responsive” to events which have been held here to showcase same.

A Mexican dance crew was featured at the Umana Yana last year to celebrate the Spanish-speaking country’s Independence Day and chefs from the country have also showcased its diverse cuisine here in recent months. Sandoval said that he was surprised at the turnout to the events, noting that “at the Umana Yana we had about 200 people so it shows that your people have an interest in our culture”.

He plans to organise a cultural exposition in September to coincide with Mexican Independence Day, which is on the 15th of that month.

Two Mexican Folk Dance artistes perform during Independence Celebrations held at the Umana Yana in September last year.

Also, modern Mexican ballets will be brought to these shores to showcase their skills later in the year, while an exhibition of films shot in Mexico is also expected to feature during November.

Sandoval, an ardent fan of cultural activities, said he has been visiting the local cultural events here and according to him, Guyana’s diverse ethnic make-up produces a variety of cultural events which are similar to those which the Mexican ancestors developed in the early ages.

Asked whether the mission would facilitate local groups who may wish to showcase Guyana in Mexico, he said such groups would be welcome with open arms and the diplomatic mission will assist such groups in getting to Mexico to promote Guyana’s rich cultural history.

The diplomatic mission will be facilitating, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, An evening of folk dance at the National Culture Centre. The event will be held on Saturday, July 30 at 8 pm and it will feature members of the Folk Dance Ballet of Estado de Mexico.

Admission is free.

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