Body and art exhibition for Castellani House

Come next Friday Bravo Arts will launch an exhibition at the Castellani National Gallery which will see eye-catching body art models with the added adornments of prosthetics.

Describing itself as the premier body art creative company, Bravo Arts said the exhibition will be held under the theme ‘Extra Terrestrial’. In a release, the company said prosthetics will include the rubber latex representation of exaggerated body parts, providing special effects for the “alien models”. It was explained that special laser-like lighting effects and creative greenery will produce a Guyanese type “extraterrestrial habitat to intrigue and delight the audiences”.

Next Friday’s presentation is expected to portray a diversity of peaceful aliens who are closely knitted and live in harmony with their environment. Patrons can expect to experience live body on demand as well as the appearance of a surprise alien character known to most movie goers and internet fans.

It was noted that one year ago Steve Douglas’s Bravo Arts earned rave reviews with its inaugural ‘Unearthed’ presentation at the same venue.

The release said that for many it was the first local exhibition to highlight the body as the canvas and it had depicted the country’s flora and fauna.

“Since then the art form has been in demand by corporate entities, dance companies and private party socials,” the release said.

Among the artists for the one day affair will be Jackie Hanover, Courtney Douglas, Cassandra Chu and Paloma Bristol among others. The company said challenges for sponsorship during this period have compelled the organizers to charge $500 for adults while children will enter free.
The exhibition will run from 16:30 hrs to 19:30 hrs.

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