Ginger Lily care

The highly fragrant, showy flowers and the bold leaves that ginger lilies produce create an undeniable tropical feeling even in temperate gardens. The flowers of this plant come in a wide array of vivid colours including red, yellow, orange and white.

Proper planting
Plant small ginger lily rhizomes an inch deep and larger rhizomes 2 inches deep in moist, organic-rich soil with a pH between 5 and 7. Make sure the soil drains well since ginger lily rhizomes are prone to rotting if the area where they are grown is too wet. Plant the rhizomes 24 to 36 inches apart. Plant container grown ginger lilies in a pot that is at least 4 inches larger on all sides than the rhizome, but do expect to divide these plants frequently to prevent overcrowding.
Ginger lilies grow in full sun or partial shade. The exact cultivar determines how much sunlight the plant prefers. Plants started indoors then moved outdoors require acclimation to full sun, as there is a chance of leaf burn. To acclimate the plant, move it into an area in partial shade and gradually expose it to a little more sunlight every day until it is in full sun.

Water and fertilization
Feel the top inch or so of the soil the ginger lilies are growing in to determine the moisture content. Soil that feels dry needs water. Regular watering at least once a week is necessary. Ginger lilies grown in full sun require more water than those grown in partial shade. Water deeply so the soil below the surface receives an adequate amount of moisture, as this is where the roots obtain water. Fertilize on a regular basis using a balanced, time-released fertilizer beginning at the planting stage. (eHow)

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