Personal thoughts on the Soca

The Soca: Why did I go?

Even though many persons behind the promotional scene and the production of the music are matured, very adult individuals, many of us past sixty/seventy cannot keep up with today’s version of soca – once dubbed Soul Calypso.

The Trinidadians and smaller islanders have now fashioned a frenetic, aerobic beat best suited to the younger, physically-fit fans. Soca is now definitely “somebody-make-some-noise, jump-and-wave-and-sway-push-bumper” music. Yes, it still qualifies to be described as music; not yet at the stage of some Dance Hall-Gully-Gaza, D-J outpourings.

So I succumbed and attended last Saturday’s Carib Soca Monarch competition at the Park. (Incidentally, note that two Trini enterprises – Republic Bank and Ansa McAl play significant roles in our Mashramani; Chutney is next…).  Yes I went to Soca and my age and “old-time” status caught up with me.  Singing took a serious second place! This was a Soca Show!

As in Trinidad, it was razz-ma-tazz, glitter, props, pyrotechnics and dance fanatics Fuh-so! Singing second, showmanship first.

The DJ spoke about the night’s “presentations” of the “songs” heard on radio. Mind you, I love the displays. Sometimes fearfully so!

As with everybody else, I decided upon my own favourites. And I’ll never judge the judges publicly. I’ll play the “better songs” and beats all year long. I bow to the copycat nature of such performances, with nothing left to be really original – except “celery-tomato-seasoning-thyme, Bangalangalay!”

What? Perhaps I envy the youth their athletic prowess to make music physical?

Partly true…



*1) Name three of the Slave leaders of the 1763 Slave Rebellion in the then colony of Berbice.

*2) Recall (again) five high profile court cases which have gone low profile, to slowly but surely disappear. Discuss Justice – Guyana Style.

*3) When will the President appoint the four fresh technocrat ministers he’s entitled to place in Parliament?

*4) What!? There were hints of Obeah at the Calypso semi-final and final? Naughty!

Till next week!


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