Their plans for Mashramani

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This week we asked the man and woman in the street what their plans for Mashramani were and whether or not they were looking forward to anything in particular.


Interviews and photos by Frances Abraham



John Gibbons – Digicel employee: ‘Well, I will be working on Mashramani Day with the Digicel band, but at the same time we will be involved in all the activities. We will be in our Digicel uniforms of course, eating, drinking and topping up persons’ phones at the same time. This is actually my first time home for Mash in four years so I am definitely looking forward to have crazy fun. Also, I am looking forward to the bigger, better network to take away the prize of biggest band because we have really been working towards that.‘

Farzan Ally: ‘Basically, I am looking forward to taking my daughter out to walk and see the floats. I am hoping for the sun so we can have good weather for a great Mash experience. Also, I am really looking forward to the Digicel and GT&T competitions in terms of floats and the bands, because there is always rivalry between our two phone companies. It should be good.‘

Shahab Alli – Private sector employee: ‘I am looking forward to nice floats, good entertainment and clean fun. I think more emphasis should be placed on the type of floats and costumes that are produced so that they can be more elaborate and attractive. Apart from that, it’s a good day for families to come out and picnic and just enjoy themselves.‘

Steve Davis – Teacher: ‘Mashramani is a very good thing. It allows the people to showcase their culture and everybody gets the opportunity to enjoy themselves. However, I think we need Mash for two days, one for the festivities and the other for rest and to clean up the streets. Otherwise, I am looking for bigger bands and more concentration to be placed on steel pan to bring back the old time feeling. I am also looking forward to more people coming out and tramp and parade.‘

Julianne Pompey – Ministry of Health employee: ‘The most I’ll be doing is taking my son out and try to enjoy the floats and have some decent fun. Wednesday is the Children’s Mash competition so I’ll definitely be taking him to that as well. I think there should be more floats and more involvement from both the private and public sectors. I think they can do better than the 25 floats that are scheduled to take to the streets come Mash Day. Besides that, it’s the same thing year after year. More should be done to add variety to the event.‘

Shaunte Green – Student: ‘Well, on Mash Day me and my family usually go out and picnic then enjoy the parade. I just look forward to the festivities that will be around the town for the day and I am looking forward to all the excitement. For bands, I am really interested in the Hits and Jams band and Digicel as well.‘

 Mark Primo – Ministry of Home Affairs employee: ‘I will actually be participating in the Mashramani celebrations for the first time this year in the Christian Band. I will be dancing and I am very excited to see my costume and the piece I will be carrying. I am looking forward to enjoying myself and to have a clean fun.‘

Loreen Warde – Producer at the National Communications Network: ‘My plans are basically to go out with my family and friends and just have fun. I am looking forward to more bands and bigger [ones] too to add to the excitement. I think every year it keeps getting bigger and better, but this year I am really interested in seeing what Digicel, GT&T and Carib are bringing out.‘

Ameer Mohamed – Private sector: ‘I have been going to the pre-Mash shows and club events like the all-white party, and it has been really good so far. On Mashramani Day I am looking forward to go sightseeing, both on the floats and the ladies. More importantly, I think they need to improve on the security because a lot of people are fearful of getting robbed… Mash shouldn’t be about that, it should be a time when everyone can all come together and have fun.‘

Leon Layne – Private sector employee: ‘I plan to go out, watch the floats and get some strong beverage to drink before I call it a day, because the very next day it’s back to work again. I am looking forward to sunshine for a good day and also to be stunned with some nice floats and costumes. Designers this year are making it seem like they are coming bigger and stronger, especially with the local materials that they are using, so I am waiting to see what they will  do.

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