What the people say … About their Mashramani Day experiences

This week we asked the man and woman in the street about their Mashramani experiences – which band they liked best and the areas where they think there is room for improvement. Their responses follow:

Interviews and photos by Frances Abraham and Marcelle Thomas

Stacia Mickle – student: ‘This year, I liked the different costumes, they were decorated very nicely and I definitely think that this year was better than last year. They had more people and the floats were all so attractive with much better quality than last year. Everything was good.’

Alita Haley- private sector employee: ‘The sex workers band was good but there was very tight competition because I really can’t tell which one of the floats will win, but I liked Digicel and Banks DIH. All the costumes were okay but there is room for improvement, but overall, this year’s Mash was okay.’

Corletta Hanes – private sector employee: ‘I went out and mash this year with Banks DIH mainly because I knew this year would have been big and nice. I mash in the past but this is my first time with Banks and I enjoyed it more than any other time because Banks treat we good and we will be going to Linden with them on Sunday again to mash. The crowd response was real good; everybody just been wining up when they see we and along the road everybody been saying y’all look real good, more than Digicel, I voting you right through.’

Kevin Gill – public sector employee: ‘Mash this year was nice. I enjoyed the sex workers float the most because they looked nice and were the best to me. Hopefully next year could be even better because I will be mashing for the first time with the sex workers band.’

Hugh October – self employed: ‘I came out and had a quick view of what was happening and it looked a bit exciting to me, but I didn’t get a look of the entire scenario but from what I did see, it seemed real exciting. Banks and APNU really were impressive. Everything was really nice though, it was good and the floats looked way bigger than last year.’

Dansford Gordon- Banks DIH employee: ‘I enjoyed this year’s Mash, I thought everything went really well. I liked Banks float and costumes but I won’t stifle my conscience, I loved Digicel’s costumes. After theirs is definitely Banks. It’s been a long time since I saw that white on the streets and it was so unusual. I loved it.’

Anand Singh – private sector employee: ‘I enjoyed seeing all the beautiful ladies and how everyone came out together to mash, especially all the families who brought out the kids to enjoy themselves. The floats were all beautiful especially Carib and their girls who wore unusual costumes compared to last year. It was nice. The turnout this year was a 50/50 to last year. I think this was because of the rain which was in and out. Apart from that, I think they can improve a lot. The costumes, though they were nice, were poor compared to those at Carnival.’

Andre Cadogan – private sector employee: ‘The Mash was great. I enjoyed standing on Camp Street and looking at the floats, especially the Carib band, that was one of the main attractions. Other than that, I liked Digicel. Their costumes were really good. The turnout was huge; a lot of people were here.’

Jean Douglas – vendor: ‘Mash was very nice this year especially the Digicel float and Banks, those two were the best. The costumes were great and the crowd was fantastic. I didn’t expect so many people to turn out with how the rain was coming and going but I really enjoyed myself.’

Roydon Ramroop – private sector employee: ‘I was situated in the National Park and I thought this year’s Mash had a fair turn out. I haven’t been to Mash in a few years but remembering what it was like when I was younger, it was a bit of a disappointment. Although it wasn’t bad, I think it could have been better mainly with the floats. There were only two or three that were really impressive, like Digicel; I think that was the best. There was also no proper choreography, everyone seemed as though they were scrambling last minute.’

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